Plans Move Forward for New Holyoke (CO) Fire Station

The station is expected to be built at the southwest corner of the intersection of West Denver Street and South Belford Avenue.

According to a report from The Holyoke Enterprise, plans for a new Holyoke (CO) Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) station at the southwest corner of the intersection of West Denver Street and South Belford Avenue moved forward at the recent Holyoke City Council meeting on March 16.

The council voted unanimously to open the project up for bids and go with a general contractor rather than piece it together with several bids for different aspects of the project.

Among many station Council members discussed things like the height of the fire station’s bay doors. Mayor Orville Tonsing said that the council needed to choose between 14- or 16-foot doors and whether to make all six doors the same height. The original plan called for 14-foot doors.

Bittner expressed concern about the possibility of having all six doors the same height because of the height of the building in the corners, and he said he thought it would be better to have two 16-foot doors in the center and two 14-foot doors on either side. Tonsing said he thought they should all be 16 feet tall, and the two contractors he spoke to said it was possible to do so.

HVFD Chief Stacy Rueter said that, by keeping the bay doors the same height, the department wouldn’t need to park certain trucks in certain bays. So, the council decided to have all doors the same height at 16 feet.

Council members chose to have forced ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning in the office area of the building because the space could eventually be used for public functions.

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