Pierce Announces ‘CARE’ Initiative and Partnership with Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Pierce CARE

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK) company, announces the roll-out of clean cab features that support carcinogen awareness and reduction to exposure (CARE). CARE is the result of the guidance of the voice of customer research in conjunction with the Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. With firefighters’ growing awareness of the increased occupational risk of exposure to carcinogens, Pierce’s CARE-focused clean cab features offer custom fire truck design elements that can reduce immediate and lingering carcinogen exposure risks through easier-to-clean seats and interior surfaces, high-impact HVAC filtration for reduced particle circulation, warm water rinse availability, and more.  

“Research has shown that firefighters have a nine-percent higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer and a 14% higher mortality rate than the general U.S. population,” said Keith Tyson, vice president, education and research for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. “Sharing vital research and knowledge with the fire service community, partnering organizations, and apparatus manufacturers has helped in the development of tools and practices that can be put into place to create healthier workplaces and save lives.” 

To date, more than 250 Pierce dealer representatives have been trained on the aspects of the CARE initiative by members of the Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative, as well as the educational information and apparatus features available to support exposure reduction and elimination.

“As conversations and research around the topic of carcinogen exposure have become more prevalent recently, we realized that protection goes beyond the truck – presenting a need to work closely with customers, and their specific departments, to offer various options that reduce exposure,” said John Schultz, director of pumper and custom chassis products, Pierce Manufacturing. “The CARE initiative, and our collaboration with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, has created a progressive platform for our dealers and customers to obtain access to educational information, clean-cab feature options and a community where new ideas can be shared.”

In addition to education and clean cab options, Pierce is advocating for the implementation of gross decontamination by supplying buckets loaded with decontamination procedures and best practices provided by the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative, and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. These buckets will be loaded onto 1,500 apparatus beginning this summer.

Pierce remains committed to aligning with organizations and dealers that provide extensive occupational awareness and prevention training programs for those in fire service. For a comprehensive review of CARE-focused vehicle design options and descriptions, visit www.piercemfg.com for highlights and educational materials.   


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