Study Examines Results from O2X Human Performance Program on Firefighter Fitness and Wellness

O2X trainer working with firefighters

A recent study published by the Journal of Exercise Physiology (online) shows promising results for the O2X Human Performance Program. The study was designed to track the impact of a comprehensive health, wellness, and safety initiative on overall fitness and injury prevalence in active duty firefighters. With a total cost savings of $6.3 million, specific improvements included: 19% reduction in monthly injuries and paid time off, 39% reduction in monthly sick calls, 33.3% reduction in costs related to Cardiac disease, 23.4% reduction in Cancer-related costs, and a 20% reduction in neck injury costs.

“The drastic amount of cardiac events, orthopedic injuries, cancer rates, and behavioral health issues throughout these units is preventable,” says Paul McCullough, former Navy SEAL and co-founder of O2X Human Performance. “Our nation’s heroes deserve this type of training, and we make it our priority at O2X.”

O2X trainers and firefighter participants

O2X firefighter training program

O2X trainer working with firefighters in a drill

Unlike standard, civilian-based fitness programs, the O2X program focuses on mission specificity and targeted training aimed at mitigating common risk factors faced by firefighters and other tactical athletes. After a 16-week training protocol, 96% of participants increased their push up score, 99% improved their total squats, 91% increased the number of pull ups completed, and 89% lengthened their plank hold duration. Nearly 90% of the participants improved in the key performance measurements related to their job readiness.

While a number of training programs focus specifically on physical fitness, the O2X Human Performance program is the first of its kind to target all pillars of performance: nutrition, conditioning, stress management, sleep, and resilience. By placing equal emphasis on the mental and physical components of training, firefighters were not only able to improve overall fitness, but also to develop resilience and better manage the impact of chronic job-related stress. This combination of mental fortitude and physical training resulted in significant improvements highlighted in the recently published study.

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O2X’s mission is maximizing human performance through world-class training and education. Founded by former Navy SEALs, O2X’s tailored EAT SWEAT THRIVE curriculum targets the specific issues facing tactical populations including high rates of injury, elevated cancer and cardiac health risks, and behavioral health issues commonly associated with high-stress work environments. Initially designed to meet the unique demands of tactical athletes, the science-backed methodology has also been successful with Olympic and Division I collegiate athletes, professional sports organizations, and top tier corporate teams.

The O2X team is comprised of U.S. Special Operations veterans; Olympic, professional, and All-American collegiate athletes; and more than 70 human performance experts who are passionate about maximizing human performance and helping others rise higher.


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