NYC First Responders using Technology to help Save Lives

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New York City, N.Y. (Pioneer Mobile Applications) — EMTs and Paramedics in the New York City 911 system have been increasing efficiency of patient care and transport with the help of technology that is right in their pockets. The Mobile MDT app which is available for both Apple iPhones & iPads and Android devices allows first responders to quickly open up the app and show the nearest hospitals based on your location.

With over 60 hospitals in the New York City 911 system, there are a wide variety of hospitals that take different types of patients. Through the Mobile MDT app, you can easily browse, filter, and sort through hospitals based on different criteria; allowing you to find the best hospital facility for your patient.

Navigate the city faster and easier
In crowded cities such as New York, sometimes ambulances can be stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes. With the technology provided inside of the app, ETAs (estimated time of arrivals), distances, traffic conditions, and directions are automatically calculated. This aids in decreasing the amount of time it takes from an incident to the hospital.

With hundreds of locations accessible with the tap of a finger, you can view satellite, hybrid, and standard map imagery for any hospital, firehouse, EMS station, or police precinct. Users have the ability to map all of the relative locations to see where they are throughout the city.


Pre-hospital Resources
A decent amount of time is spent with patients in the pre-hospital setting. This makes it important to be able to make clinical decisions with ease. In the protocol section of the Mobile MDT app, first responders can quickly reference General Operating Procedures and Advance Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) protocols.

To help understand the patient’s medical history, the app offers quick access to “Drug Lookup”, where you can find what medications are used for. Along with this, there is quick access feature for the MCI Guide and a Pre-hospital Notification Cheat Sheet.

Other Resources


Hundreds of resources easily accessible 

– Push Notifications (allowing users to receive real time alerts and updates)
– Work schedule/calendar with note taking ability
– Frequently used telephone numbers
– 10-Codes
– Payroll schedule

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Make the Mobile MDT app available for your 911 system!

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