North America Fire Training Directors Seeking Executive Director

North American Fire Training Directors

The North American Fire Training Directors (NAFTD) is seeking to hire an Executive Director to manage the professional organization. NAFTD announced it is looking for a dynamic individual to move the organization forward, expand membership, and adapt to the fire service industry’s opportunities and challenges. The position will be responsible for the creation of plans and programs that will effectively meet the needs of membership and support the growth and reputation of NAFTD.

Position qualification requirements include demonstrated experience managing a complex membership organization and exemplary communication skills. The position will report to the five-member NAFTD Board of Directors. Organizations interested in filling the position will be required to assign a single individual dedicated to the job performance responsibilities to fulfill the role.

NAFTD President, John Cunningham, states, “NAFTD has been the voice of State, Provincial, and Territorial fire service training for many years and we are excited to be looking for our first Executive Director to be the face of our organization ensuring that our mission is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning and stakeholder outreach.”

NAFTD will accept position Statements of Proposal through 4pm CST on Friday, September 13, 2019. Proposals arriving after the date and time specified will be declared non-responsive and will not be considered for evaluation. Application materials should be sent via e-mail to NAFTD President, John Cunningham at While electronic communication is preferred, documents that must be mailed may be sent to: John Cunningham, President, NAFTD, 48 Powder Mills Road, Waverley, NS B2R1E9.


Get more information HERE (PDF).

The North American Fire Training Directors (NAFTD) is a national 501(c)(3) corporation comprised of fire training directors from North America, committed to be a primary point of contact for state, provincial and territorial fire training agencies as well as the federal government, while improving and establishing best practices as advocates for fire training, education, information and research. On an annual basis, the combined efforts of NAFTD members provide training and education programs to more than one million career and volunteer fire service personnel in the United States and Canada. NAFTD serves as a forum to enhance and enrich fire training and education programs and their administrators. Additional information regarding NAFTD and its membership is available at

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