No Whopper: Aetna (DE) Hose, Hook and Ladder Company Eyes Former Burger King Property for New Station

The Thorn Lane station, which will house the department’s administrative offices and training space. Photo via:

As part of a $14 million plan to modernize the fire department’s facilities, Aetna (DE) Hose, Hook and Ladder Company is eyeing a one-acre, former Burger King property in downtown Newark as a potential site for a new station, reports

The property—at the corner of South Chapel Street and Delaware Avenue—was purchased by Lang Development Group in 2019. Aetna is in talks to do a land swap with Lang; the fire department would get a piece of the Burger King property and Lang would take ownership of Aetna’s historic Academy Street property, officials say.

Details are still being finalized, but the new station would replace both the Academy Street station and the recently closed Ogletown Road station.

Initial plans indicate the new digs would be a three-story structure containing four bays, as well as a kitchen, a gym, meeting space, a day room, and bunks for crews on duty and dorms for members of Aetna’s live-in program.

Current plans dictate that Aetna would own the new station, and Lang isn’t expected to have any role in the project other than providing the land, officials say. Lang would likely retain a portion of the Burger King site for its own, yet-to-be-determined development project.

In addition to this new station, Aetna is also planning to expand its Thorn Lane station. The two-story addition will house the department’s administrative offices and training space.

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