New Rescue Headed to Lake View (NY)

LAKE VIEW, NY — A brand new rescue engine costing approximately $700,000 is on the way to Lake View Fire District. According to Roger Black, who is one of the board of fire commissioners, the engine will have “full firefighting capability,” carrying extensive supply hose as well as a 500-gallon water tank in the rear and a 30-gallon foam tank, to go along with 200 feet of electrical cord.

Other amenities will include Light-Emitting Diode lighting on both sides, as it was stated that the company’s current engines lack a certain amount of lighting on action scenes.

Additional items for the engine include a standard computer safety and monitoring screen, a generator, an air suspension seat for the driver, inside dome lighting and a vehicle data recorder that tracks trip miles and event and accident history. A color-camera system to indicate a need for backup will also be featured, along with reels to run rescue tools, an adjustable shelf and pull-out tool board.

The engine’s hydraulic system will be fully operable. In addition, a circuit breaker panel will be located in a front compartment of the vehicle.

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