National Firefighter Cancer and Life-Altering Illness Survey Launched

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) and the Fire Smoke Coalition have launched a national survey focused on firefighter cancers and life-altering illness and disease.  While many states or regions have conducted surveys, there is absolutely no data that captures national statistics.  Until national data can be published, broad-sweeping awareness and educational campaigns simply cannot be created.  

From the results, Dr. Alan Hall, medical toxicologist, will analyze the data and publish a white paper detailing the results.

It’s well-known that thousands of firefighters are suffering from cancer.  It is the hope of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and the Coalition that the vast majority will respond. It’s time to fully embrace the problem by starting with the facts.

Please share this link with those you know who have or have had cancer or life-altering disease and illness.

To participate, visit

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