National Fire Sprinkler Association Launching New Video Channel

 NFSA.TV Will Provide User-Friendly Industry and Consumer Education
PATTERSON, N.Y. (July 7, 2011) – The National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA), the longest-tenured fire sprinkler advocacy organization in the U.S., is launching a web-based video channel on July 12, 2011, providing the fire sprinkler industry with easier, more convenient training and the public with education about fire sprinklers.
The new website,, will provide a platform serving three primary purposes:
  • Hosting live video training and education events, functioning as a virtual classroom for fire sprinkler industry professionals to further their proficiency in the trade
  • Serving as a resource for conveying fire sprinkler information to the general public, legislators, and other interested parties
  • Functioning as an additional and technologically advanced advertising outlet for NFSA members and organizations that want to reach its membership
“Training dollars are shrinking and with them the opportunities for fire sprinkler professionals to travel to on-site locations for needed in-class training that helps them grow their expertise,” said John Viniello, president of NFSA.  “ will keep NFSA at the vanguard of organizations promoting fire sprinklers while providing an additional outlet for public education about the life-saving benefits of fire sprinklers.” is a web-based platform for accessing and interacting with information on fire sprinklers, including live video training and education events, public service announcements, video advertising, and news updates conveying both business- and fire sprinkler-related news headlines.
One of the centerpieces of is the “Training and Education” component of the site, which will be the first live video training platform in the fire sprinkler industry.  NFSA seminars, taught by world-class NFSA instructors, will be delivered to the participant’s computer or training room screen in a “virtual classroom” format.  Participants will see the instructor and the material as though they were sitting in the classroom.  Immediate live interaction and dynamic visuals are key additions to make virtual fire sprinkler training a unique offering for the industry.
Other unique facets of include:
  • Training and education sessions as well as association and industry information produced at a new Media Center located at NFSA Headquarters in Patterson, N.Y.
  • The opportunity to advertise and sponsor events, allowing organizations to produce their own advertising videos and have them run on the webpage
  • Functioning as a repository for public service announcements about fire sprinklers and fire safety messages, developed by the NFSA Public Fire Protection Department
  • Association, industry and general business news offered through links and embedded videos 
“Most organizations simply present webinars in the same format: PowerPoint slides, downloaded handouts, typed-in questions and a disembodied voice providing an oft-times scripted presentation,” Viniello noted.  “NFSA has brought the fire sprinkler industry a much more engaging format for training and the public a user-friendly platform for information with the debut of”
About the National Fire Sprinkler Association 

Established in 1905, the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) is the voice of the fire sprinkler industry.  NFSA leads the drive to get life-saving fire sprinklers into all buildings; provides support and resources for its members – fire sprinkler contractors, manufacturers and suppliers; and educates authorities having jurisdiction of fire control matters. Headquartered in Patterson, N.Y., NFSA has regional operations offices throughout the country.

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