Mike McEvoy Named JEMS Executive Editor

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services, long considered the conscience of the emergency medical field, championed by the ever-present editor in chief AJ Heightman, is beyond excited to announce that as of February 1, 2019, Mike “Doc” McEvoy is coming onboard to serve as executive editor. Mike is, in Bobby Halton’s words, “a medic’s medic, a professional firefighter in the truest sense of the word. Mike not only has decades of hard-earned street cred as a medic, but he can go toe to toe with the best firefighters in the nation.” The nickname “Doc” is not casual. It is honored, borrowed from our Navy corpsmen, for Mike, like them, puts himself on the line not only for the mission but for the team.

Mike will bring to JEMS his street sense and his vast knowledge of emergency medicine as well as his intellect and expertise. Mike has, for the past three decades, immersed himself in every aspect of emergency response, from firefighting to medical, from technical to administrative. Mike has studied, served, and excelled at every aspect of our profession. Mike will bolster AJ’s team with his personality and wisdom. Long-standing friends and colleagues, Mike and AJ together represent the most distinguished duo of emergency medical services practitioners in America.

Mike’s duties will include acquisition of new writers for JEMS and new presenters for EMS Today. Mike’s vast network of connections and his countless relationships among field medics and the hospital community place him among the most respected and influential of all emergency responders practicing today. Mike will help the evolving world of community-based paramedicine find a voice in JEMS, find a way to improve integrated community risk reduction, and benefit our nation.

Mike has never failed to answer the call for service, and now, with assuming the role of Executive Editor of JEMS, Mike will empower, embolden, and establish the medics—the “Docs” of America’s street voice—as never before. It is with unreserved pride that the Journal of Emergency Services welcomes its new executive editor. Congratulations, “Doc,” and welcome aboard.

Here is a bio snapshot of Mike:

Mike McEvoy is the EMS Coordinator for Saratoga County, NY and has served as the EMS editor for Fire Engineering magazine since 2006.  He is a nurse clinician in the adult and pediatric cardiac surgical ICUs at Albany Medical Center where he also teaches critical care medicine and chairs the hospital resuscitation committee. Mike is a Paramedic Supervisor and the continuing medical education coordinator for Clifton Park & Halfmoon EMS and the Chief Medical Officer for the West Crescent Fire Department.  He chairs the EMS Section Board of Directors for the International Association of Fire Chiefs and is the lead editor for the Jones & Bartlett textbook, “Critical Care Transport” and the Informed emergency and critical care pocket guide series.  In his free time, Mike is an avid hiker and winter mountain climber.


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