Middletown (OH) Council Approves Levy; Ball Is in Residents’ Court

Current headquarters. All photos via cityofmiddletown.org.

On the heels of Middletown (OH) city council unanimously voting to place a 1-mill property tax—which would fund the building of four fire stations—on the ballot next spring, city and fire officials and a campaign committee aim to convince residents the tax is necessary, reports journal-news.com.

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The total cost of the four facilities—which would replace the outdated current stations—is estimated at $16.6 million, officials say.

If Middletown residents reject the levy, the report says, the city could place an income tax increase that would require a 1/8th of 1% increase for at least 15 years; cut the general fund budget by more than $800,000 a year by reducing the number of public safety employees; build one station every five or six years that would about double the final cumulative tally of costs; or don’t replace the stations.

Proposed Stations:

  • New headquarters replacing the 1.38-acre site on Roosevelt Boulevard: A 3.6-acre site at Yankee Road and Cherry Street owned by the city as acquired from the Middletown City Schools and former site of Garfield school. 24,300 square feet, $7,168,500.
  • Station 81 replacing 0.28-acre site on Clinton Street: A 2.85-acre site at Henry Avenue and Charles Street owned by the city as acquired from the Middletown City Schools and former site of the Jefferson school. 10,200 square feet, $3,009,000
  • Station 85 replacing 0.86-acre site at Central Avenue and Breiel Boulevard: A 2-acre parcel at Sophie Avenue and Stolz Drive encompassing the undeveloped, southern portion of Dowling Park owned by the city. 10,200 square feet, $3,009,000.
  • Station 82 replacing 0.88-acre site on Dixie Highway: A 2.7-acre site at Ohio 122 and Atrium Boulevard acquired from Premier Health/Atrium Medical Center. 11,800 square feet, $3,481,000.

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