Metal Shark Building Multiple Fire Rescue Vessels for Canaveral Fire Rescue

JEANERETTE, LA—Shipbuilder Metal Shark is significantly expanding its presence in the fireboat market with a diverse range of fireboats currently in production for multiple customers. Most notably, the company has announced a custom “70 Defiant” fireboat to be built for Canaveral Fire Rescue in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The new Canaveral fireboat is a 70’ x 22’ welded aluminum monohull pilothouse vessel designed by Metal Shark’s in-house engineering team utilizing a military-proven hull form. The vessel features a specialized layout designed for firefighters and optimized to enhance the department’s operational readiness across the full spectrum of response scenarios.

The vessel’s design incorporates a positive-pressure Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) system to provide crew protection during disaster response scenarios. A complete suite of electronics including an M400XR FLIR thermal imaging system with fire fighting software will provide next-level situational awareness.

Client-driven firefighting particulars include include twin Darley fire pumps rated at 3,000 gpm each feeding two 2,000-gpm remote operated bow monitors, a 5,000-gpm remote operated rooftop monitor, two 1,250-gpm manually operated aft deck monitors, two aft deck risers with dual 2.5” handline connections, and dual 5” Storz hydrant outlets. The vessel is equipped with a 500-gallon foam tank with gravity fast feed capability and integrated Purple K system. Total expected flow rate is in excess of 8,500 gpm.

Metal Shark offers the 70 Defiant with a wide range of propulsion packages enabling the vessel to achieve top speeds of 45+ knots. Canaveral’s vessel will be powered by quad 800-horsepower Man diesel engines mated to quad Hamilton water jets. This configuration will deliver a cruise speed in the 30-knot range and a top speed of 35 knots.

The Canaveral order comes amid a significant expansion by Metal Shark into the U.S. fireboat market. In April, Metal Shark announced that it had been selected to build the next generation of fireboats for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue department, with a multiboat order for 50’ Defiant-class pilothouse fireboats currently in production.

The new Miami-Dade fireboats are being built alongside an assortment of custom fireboats for other operators including 27’, 29’, 32’, and 38’ pilothouse vessels as well as 23’ and 26’ center console vessels.

In addition to Canaveral and Miami-Dade, notable new and recent Metal Shark fireboat customers include Captiva Fire Department (Florida), City of Punta Gorda Fire Department (Florida), Fairfax County Fire Rescue (Virginia), Grand Isle Volunteer Fire Department (Louisiana), Greater Naples Fire Department (Florida), Harrods Creek Fire Department (Kentucky), Miami Beach Fire Department (Florida), Newport News Fire Department (Virginia), South Bowers Volunteer Fire Department (Delaware), St. Petersburg Beach Fire Department (Florida), and West Manatee Fire and Rescue (Florida).

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