Maryland Crew Backs Truck Into Station Pillar

Maryland Crew Backs Truck Into Station Pillar

CAPE SAINT CLAIRE, Md. – A fire truck moving in reverse did substantial damage to the Cape Saint Claire fire station, which will operate normally while repairs are made following the mishap.

The incident occurred Thursday at approximately 10 p.m. as the crew was returning to the station, located at 1411 Cape St. Claire Road, according to a news release. The driver and officer in charge made the decision to back in, and as the vehicle was backed on to the ramp, the driver mistakenly believed he had the bay door lined up in his mirrors.

In fact, the driver had two different bay doors in his mirrors and he backed the trucked into the exterior brick column between the two doors.

While there were no injuries, damage to the station was substantial, according to Capt. Russ Davies. The brick column was knocked down, causing the collapse of the bay doors along with the brick wall above the doors to the roof level.

The accident caused minor, cosmetic damage to the backing engine. A falling bay door damaged a mirror on an engine parked inside the station. The damaged areas of the station were secured and an inspection by a County building inspector determined that the rest of the building was safe for occupancy. Full service from the station was continued

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