Mariposa County CA Dedicates New Fire Station

Community members, officials and fire department members gathered at the new Don Pedro (CA) fire station to dedicate the building.

The new 4,160-square-foot station, coming after ten years in temporary quarters, has four apparatus bays that houses two structure engines, a rapid response vehicle and a 3,600 gallon water tender.

Firefighters enter the station through a clean room where contaminated personal protection apparel can be removed and laundered thus preventing contamination of the station’s living space.

The main room serves as a large training room and general office space. The area will also feature a future kitchen. Next to the training room are two restrooms and two rooms that will serve as future bedrooms.

Funding for the new fire station came from a combination of sources. Primary funding was provided through a grant by Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Fire Station Construction program and was supplemented by Community Service Area (CSA) #3 funds. Total cost of the fire station to date is $918,000.

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