Lowndes County (GA) Getting 3 New Stations

Clyattville (GA), Bemiss, and North Lowndes will all be receiving new station locations across 2021-2022, reports valdostadailytimes.com.

Clyattville’s Station 2 is set to be built this September, with its first recruit class beginning June 16; it will house Engine 20. That will be followed by Bemiss’ Station 5’s construction in April 2022, which will house Engine 50 alongside an EMS bay with an ambulance. Then, North Lowndes’ Station 4’s construction will commence in July 2022 and will house Engine 40. Each station will have four personnel per its three shifts.

The work is all part of a 2021 expansion led by Lowndes County fire officials. The aim is to hire 36 firefighters that include sergeants, lieutenants, and three battalion chiefs.

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