Logan City (UT) Council to Discuss Fate of Station 70

Station 70. Photo via: loganutah.org.

Tonight the Logan City Council will discuss committing $325,000 to the cost of designing a replacement for the Logan City (UT) Fire Department’s Station 70 in the downtown area, reports cachevalleydaily.com.

Some residents are against sitting the new station on the corner of 100 East St. and Federal Ave., where it would occupy a portion of an existing parking lot. Some local businesses are upset because the proposed fire station will likely restrict the availability of parking for their customers.

An online petition—which has already netted more than 500 signatures and via social media has pushed for a total of 1,000 supporters—argues that the proposed location of the new station will be detrimental to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on 100 East St. and to the ambiance of a historic district of the city.

The petition also cites increased traffic congestion, noise disturbances, and reduced parking for events in the downtown area as other concerns.

Station 70 is currently located at 76 East 200 North—a short distance from the disputed Federal Avenue parking lot. The station was built in 1974 and is the oldest facility currently operated by the Logan Fire Department.

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