LifeDoor™ to Launch Kickstarter Campaign


When LifeDoor officially launched last year, a fast-moving swell of interest underscored the need to get the lifesaving device into the hands of consumers quickly. Building on that momentum, co-founders Joel Sellinger and Ben Docksteader are taking the patent-pending technology from prototype to production through a Kickstarter campaign, set to go live on June 5, 2018.

The concept behind LifeDoor springs from Sellinger’s experience as a firefighter, combining top-of-mind fire safety awareness with integrative technology. It is designed to close interior doors in a non-commercial setting, notify users via a mobile app when triggered by a building’s existing smoke detectors, illuminate the room and sound a secondary alarm.

“Abundant research, as well as my own on-the-job observation, points to closing your bedroom door as one of the most important things you can do in the event of a fire if you can’t exit the home,” Sellinger, also a parent, explained. “LifeDoor is the first smart home device to automate this process at a non-commercial level, so families can Sleep Safely -meaning one less thing to worry about.”

This research prompted the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute’s 2017 “Close Before You Doze” campaign. Research data from UL shows closing a door can block hundreds of degrees of heat plus the deadly smoke and toxic gas from a fire – a lifesaving difference. This makes LifeDoor a timely solution to the unique dangers of modern fires.

LifeDoor turned heads at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January–one of only 20 percent of CES exhibitors to showcase their inventions in the specialized Eureka Park™ exhibition area. It took first place in the Techstars 90-second pitching competition, and wowed industry executives.

“LifeDoor is not just another gimmick,” Sellinger said. “It can and will literally save lives. This Kickstarter campaign will give our supporters a chance to show how much they really believe in us, and help us take this lifesaving device to the next level”

The limited time Kickstarter campaign starts on Tuesday, June 5. 2018. Those who sign up to be notified of the launch through the LifeDoor website are granted exclusive access to huge savings on early bird specials. Visit for more information.


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