Kussmaul Announces New Dual Port USB-C and USB-A

Kussmaul USB Port

Announcing the new Kussmaul Dual Port USB-C & USB-A, available in two housings: SVR (Product Code: 091-264) and NGR (Product Code: 091-264-N). These are the new members of the Kussmaul Family of Switches.

The Dual Port USB-C & USB-A, in both housings, offers a quick and easy way to recharge electronic devices in a vehicle. It features a 63 watt max output that allows the charging of two devices at the same time (USB-C 45watts / USB-A 18watts max).

It has a built-in LED indicator for easy reading when the device is powered. It has been designed for easy installation in vehicle switch panels and can be connected to a 12 or 24V switched ignition or directly to battery. The switches have a 3-year warranty.

Kussmaul Electronics has focused on servicing emergency vehicles for over 50 years, always with the commitment to deliver high quality products and the best of the customer service experience. Kussmaul is the industry’s leading manufacturer of battery chargers and shore power auto ejects. The fully automatic chargers are available in sizes from 1 to 80 amps. The automatic disconnects, better known as the Auto Eject for electrical lines and the Air Eject for air lines connects these services to the vehicle. Also, a broad array of power control products and Load Managers as well as Inverters and are designed to protect the vehicles electrical system. All products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. 

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Valeria Donoghue

Marketing Manager

More: https://kussmaul.com/usb-dual-ports

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