Jonesboro (LA) Fire Chief Charged with Hiding Son’s Involvement in Fire Engine Crash

The Jonesboro Fire Chief was charged with falsifying a 2021 accident report.

The Jonesboro Fire Chief and a sheriff’s deputy were arrested Tuesday, charged with falsifying a 2021 accident report to hide the fact that the chief’s son was operating a fire department vehicle involved in a traffic accident.

In the accident, in July of 2021, two fire department vehicles collided while responding to a call, according to Louisiana State Police. The initial accident report said Fire Chief Brandon Brown and Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy George Wyatt were the drovers of the two vehicles involved.

“After interviewing several people, including Brown and Wyatt, it was determined that Brown’s juvenile son was actually driving one of the vehicles at the time of the crash,” the police said.

Both men were arrested and charged with insurance fraud, filing or maintaining false public records, and malfeasance in office.

Read the Louisiana State Police report on the incident for more information.

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