Johnson Controls introduces TYCO® Concealed Window Sprinkler

Tyco concealed window sprinkler

Johnson Controls announces the release of the new TYCO® Model CWS Concealed Window Sprinkler, designed to provide an alternative to a two-hour fire-resistance-rated glazing assembly. The 5.6 K-factor CWS is UL and C-UL Listed as a specific application automatic window sprinkler and can be used in accordance with the International Building Code as an alternative to interior fire partitions or exterior wall assemblies, as evaluated in ICC ESR-2397. The CWS is the first and currently only concealed pendent vertical sidewall window sprinkler to be specifically listed to provide complete wetting and coverage for heat strengthened, tempered or ceramic glass windows using closed sprinklers.

“This patent pending specific application window sprinkler offers the cost savings and aesthetic benefits of non-fire-rated glass, while also providing an effective fire protection solution that blends into the ceiling,” said Robert Cordell, global product manager for Johnson Controls. “The effectiveness of the CWS is based on its fast-response thermal sensitivity and its specially-designed deflector that ensures the spray pattern wets the entire surface of the window. The concealed design is an added aesthetic benefit that allows the sprinkler to blend in seamlessly with the space.”

The sprinkler discharges an even coat of water when activated, which cools the window to help prevent shattering during a fire event. The flat-plate concealed design houses the sprinkler above the ceiling. The cover plate is available in a variety of colors and finishes as well as in custom, factory-painted colors.

The TYCO® Concealed Window Sprinkler is part of a full window sprinkler line that includes horizontal sidewall and pendent models. It also joins the TYCO® family of aesthetic fire sprinklers, including commercial flat-plate concealed models.

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