Introducing LION Fire Academy

LION Fire Academy is an online destination for fire-fighting personal, protective equipment resources, and education. Students, instructors and active fire fighters alike will find videos, training aids and links on all things PPE.

LION Fire Academy features the new NFPA 1500 PPE Safety and Use Training Program. The 12-part program covers safety topics that every fire fighter should know before using PPE. Not understanding how to safely use PPE or how use and age affects PPE performance can lead to fire fighter injury. LION Fire Academy provides information that should be known and understood by every fire fighter — no matter what brand they wear. Participants who take the online test after each video will receive a Certificate of Completion with a 90 percent passing score. 

For firefighters who want to learn how to keep their PPE performing safely, LION Fire Academy also offers NFPA 1851 training. This video series teaches how to do Advanced Inspection, Advanced Cleaning and Basic Repairs on PPE. Firefighters earn their Manufacturer Trained Personnel Certificates after passing each test. This qualifies them to perform Advanced Inspection, Advanced Cleaning and Basic Repairs for their department.

The training on is free. PowerPoint presentations and other tools are coming to the site soon.

For more information, visit

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