Huron Park (Ontario, Canada) Fire Station Closed Due to Hazardous Substances

Photo via Google Street View

The Huron Park (Ontario, Canada) fire station has been temporarily closed after an assessment discovered hazardous substances in the building, reports

Huron Park firefighters and their equipment have been moved to South Huron’s Exeter and Dashwood stations. Officials say all response levels will remain unaffected during the closure of the station, located at 421 Canada Ave.

A report from T. Harris Environmental Management, which completed the station assessment in May, showed numerous instances of asbestos on pipes and in floor tiles in various locations, as well as in grey caulking on exterior doors, windows, and expansion joints.

The report recommended that some asbestos-containing materials be removed or repaired immediately, while in other instances it was safe to wait.

The municipality is working on a fire services master plan, which is expected in September.

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