Hale Products Introduces New DFG Pump System For Marine, Industrial and Nuclear Power Applications

Ocala, FL –  Hale Products, Inc. has introduced a new DFG pump system for marine, industrial and nuclear power applications. Using two 80FC pumps on a single gearbox, the new system is capable of 6,000 GPM, or twice the power.

“This two-pump product is truly unique because it can deliver the volume you need or, when put together, can deliver higher pressures,” said Jeff VanMeter, product manager for pumps at Hale. “In these industries, every other product in this flow range is only using one large outlet, which is similar to having a fast car drive slowly. The pumps can run inefficiently if they aren’t run at full capacity. We’ve innovated on that technology by using two pumps for stable flows across the performance curve.”

The pump can be rear-mounted for industrial applications and engine driven for nuclear applications.  For marine applications the pump can be installed as a PTO pump or an engine driven unit and can also be ordered in bronze for salt water applications.

About Hale Products, Inc.
In 2014, Hale Products, Inc. celebrated 100 years of providing the fire service with pumps that provide superior performance and reliability. Located in Ocala, Fla., the company is part of the IDEX Fire Suppression Group (FSG) and encompasses three of the most recognized brands in the market – Hale, Class 1 and Godiva.  For more information on Hale’s complete product lines, visit  www.haleproducts.com.

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