“Firemen’s Key Ring” Sold on eBay Worries NYC Officials

From News.Yahoo.com:

By Dylan Stableford

Daniel Ferraris, a 69-year-old retired locksmith from Union City, New Jersey, sold a “firemen’s key ring” on eBay to a New York Post reporter, alarming some city officials who fear the keys—those that still may work—could be used for evil. The set of five keys were sold to the “undercover” reporter for $149.95.

According to the New York Post, three of thee keys were standard-issue, given to members of the New York Fire Department (FDNY), one of which had a metal dog tag embossed with an FDNY lieutenant’s shield number, and one an all-purpose “1620”—a master firefighter key that, as the Post described in an alarming tone, “could trap thousands of people in a skyscraper” with one turn.

According to the paper, the set “would allow control of virtually any elevator in the city, could knock out power to municipal buildings, darken city streets, open subway gates and some firehouse doors and provide full access to 1 World Trade Center and other construction sites.”

In his eBay listing, Ferraris wrote that all of the keys were “OBSOLETE and have not been in use in years.”

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