Firefighters Hurt in South Renovo (PA) Fire Truck Crash

Four firefighters with the Citizen's Hose Company were hurt in the accident.

Several South Renovo, PA, firefighters were transported to the hospital for evaluation after the fire truck they were in ended up off the road and crashing into a utility pole, according to a report published by The Express.

According to the newspaper, a Citizen’s Hose Company of South Renovo fire truck was responding to a flue fire, which later turned into a house fire, when its driver encountered road hazards including rocks and trees.  The truck left the road and traveled for a distance before striking and breaking the utility pole, the paper reported.

The fire department’s Facebook page acknowledged the crash and said all four occupants of the truck were going to be OK.

The flue fire to which the firefighters were responding, evolved into a second alarm building fires, forcing other crews and emergency vehicles to go around the fire truck crash scene to fight the fire, the paper reported.

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