Firefighter/Entrepreneur Releases iPhone Game

Chicago, IL, 08/12/11
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Bucket Brigadea new game for Apple devices, allows the player to control the frontman of a firefighting crew as he throws buckets of water across beautifully designed landscapes in an attempt to extinguish a constantly growing fire. 

The need to be entertained with immediate gratification is the only qualification needed to play “Bucket Brigade.”  

The creative brain-child of a firefighter/paramedic, this game brings simple controls, hilarious characters, and addictive fun directly to the palm of the user’s hand.  

Not only a firefighter, the game’s creator is a proud CEO of his own successful
online retail site, and is using his background in art and business to bring the game “Bucket Brigade” to the world of mobile entertainment for the cost of $0.99.  


Currently only available for the Apple devices, “Bucket Brigade” will keep your attention for hours, whether you want it to or not.  

The objective of the game is easy, and it’s appeal spans all demographics.  

The game follows the natural laws of physics as the player controls the amusingly quirky firefighter character as he is handed buckets by his loyal crew behind him.  

As a nostalgic throwback to the origins of firefighting, the player heaves buckets of water over obstacles to extinguish the growing fire on the other side of the screen before it overtakes the level.  

The player faces the challenge of throw accuracy as the fire increases in size with intense, device-rumbling explosions.  The less buckets thrown, the more points earned.  Entertaining audio, fiery  explosions,  and unique animations make the player feel like they are part of the action.  

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