Firefighter Injured at Commercial Fire in Bellwood, Illinois

Photo by Tim Olk


One firefighter was injured at a Bellwood, Illinois, fire in a commercial, mixed-occupancy building. A business was on the first floor with apartments above.

On arrival, firefighters reported heavy fire on the first floor with people trying to escape from the second floor.

One unit on location was a truck company from the Melrose Park (IL) Fire Department. The rig is built on a 2003 E-ONE Cyclone II cab anc chassis. It has a 2,000-gpm pump and a 300-gallon water tank. It also features a 100-foot Bronto Skylift aerial. The gallery above shows the unit in service a that the fire in photos courtesy of Tim Olk.

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There aren’t many Bronto Skylift aerials in service in the States. Bronto Skylift is well known for its aerials that can extend hundreds of feet but that also articulate. Important to remember is that these units are not only about reach. They are also about access, with the ability to get up and over structures playing an important role in how departments deploy these units.

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