Fire Truck and Minivan Collide in Palmdale (CA) Intersection

PALMDALE – A minivan carrying two young children crashed into a Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedic truck in a Palmdale intersection Thursday afternoon, authorities said. There were no injuries.

The collision happened around 4:40 p.m. Thursday, March 26, in the intersection of 47th Street East and Avenue S, according to Deputy Shean of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.

“The paramedic truck was rolling a Code 3, lights and sirens, through the intersection,” Shean said, adding that the emergency vehicle was westbound on Avenue S. “The other party, which was traveling southbound on 47th, didn’t hear the lights and sirens and collided into the passenger side of the paramedic vehicle.”

“That collision caused the paramedic vehicle then to hit another vehicle that was facing eastbound in the left turn lane of Avenue S to go northbound on 47th,” Shean said. “[The paramedic truck] slightly tapped the front bumper of that other vehicle.”

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