Fire Apparatus Attacked During Unrest


Over the May 29-May 31 weekend, cities across the United States endured looting and destruction. Along with normal fire department operations, department operations were stressed further with arson fires and attacks on fire apparatus and personnel.

In Atlanta, looters and vandals looted Phipps Plaza and a Target store. On May 30, with riots still ongoing, an Atlanta Fire Rescue unit was responding to a structure fire at a restaurant suffered damage as it tried to respond.

Also in Georgia, the Sandy Springs (GA) Fire Department responded to assist Atlanta. While responding, the truck was attacked with bricks and rocks. The crew was able to reach the location of the fire to assist.

In Rochester, NY, officials are searching for an individual who injured a firefighter and damaged a fire apparatus that was responding to the scene of a fire. According to police, the individual is alleged to have assaulted a firefighter while a crew was responding to a scene of a fire.

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