FAMA: New Year, New Logo

The Firefighters Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association, FAMA, an organization committed to the safety and efficiency of the fire industry apparatus and components, has supported its members to revolutionize fire-manufacturing technology from basic post-war water haulers to contemporary, cutting-edge fire trucks. To commemorate FAMA’s 70th anniversary, association’s members recently voted to approve an impressive new logo to represent the dedication of its members to the support of fire and emergency workers.

The new logo refreshes past logos with a sleek new design featuring a striking red flame embodied in a shield, signifying the protection from fire that FAMA strives to achieve through its production of fire apparatus. Its simplistic design aims to parallel the core values of FAMA and thus provide an instant association between the logo and the organization. However, when applicable, the Firefighters Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association acronym can be placed strategically next to the shield for clarification while still maintaining a sophisticated design concept.

Choosing the associations’ new logo was undoubtedly a challenge. Over 250 astonishing designs were submitted, but the final selection was made at the Fall Meeting where the choice was clear. “The process was time consuming, but the committee and board had several great logo options for the members to review at our annual Fall meeting.  The board was very excited that our new logo was the clear winner after the vote and look forward to introducing the logo to the industry in
2017,” stated Scott Edens, FAMA Board President.

We hope that you will take some time to check out the new logo.  Members of FAMA would also like to thank you for your continuing support during their rebranding and encourage you to look forward to their 75th Anniversary in 2021!

For more information on FAMA please visit:  www.FAMA.org

About FAMA:
The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) is a non-profit trade association organized in 1946. Members of FAMA are committed to enhancing the quality of the fire apparatus industry and emergency service community through the manufacture and sale of safe, efficient fire apparatus and equipment.


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