TRAVERSE CITY, MI – A unique joint tracking solution that gives hospitals complete situational awareness from the scene of a mass casualty incident through patient admittance and discharge could play a critical role in victim treatment and survivability in the event of a mass casualty event.

  • Salamander Technologies and Versus Technology, Inc., two tracking and locating companies, have integrated their technologies to create a seamless data collection-and-transfer process that can gather patient information at the site of an incident and push it to clinicians prior to hospital arrival. This integration takes advantage of Salamander’s electronic tagging and tracking capabilities that occur in a dynamic field environment, and Versus’ real-time locating system (RTLS) expertise within the confines of a medical complex:
    * The Salamander solution allows emergency responders to quickly and accurately register and tag patients on scene.
  • * Triage, treatment and transport data is captured and managed in the disaster zone and then sent electronically to the Versus system.
  • * Versus receives the data – including patient name, triage priority, chief complaint, transport agency, ETA, status, and incident name – and makes it visible on an electronic patient console within the hospital.
  • * The Versus RTLS provides precise patient location information down to an individual chair-level, as well as identify any clinician or equipment that comes into contact with that patient.

Salamander Technologies’ interTRAX® Suite of Solutions allows first responders to track all people at the scene of an emergency or event. Each tracking activity results in the creation of a detailed date/time stamp history, capturing when each incident activity occurred. This information can be used for on-scene command and control, or for post-incident reporting and reimbursement – significantly impacting ROI.

Endorsed by the American Hospital Association, the Versus Advantages™ RTLS is designed to produce clinical-quality location information that can be used not only as an indication of real-time location of patients, staff and assets, but also to automate clinical workflows and provide Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement and quality reporting data. It is trusted location data that can be relied upon to communicate location information and to automate clinical processes for physicians, nurses, clinicians and first responders.

Versus has participated in several mass casualty practice drills to automate the patient data capture and provide accurate and timely patient tracking. The most recent was with the Bethesda Hospitals’ Emergency Preparedness Partnership (BHEPP), comprised of Suburban Hospital (a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine), the National Naval Medical Center, and the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center and National Library of Medicine.

For more information, visit www.salamandertechnologies.com or www.versustech.com.

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