Enterprise KS Delays Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Enterprise City Council (KS) has delayed the purchase of an aerial ladder fire truck following a request by Fire Chief Cecil Thrush Jr.

Thrush told city council members that the Abilene Fire Department is upgrading its vehicles with a purchase of a new truck at the end of the year. The Abilene Fire Department would be able to sell the truck outright, he said.

He told council members that the truck Abilene is replacing would be available for purchase at $10,000, and would be 20 years newer than the fire truck they are using now.

“It’s such a wonderful truck at a great price,” Thrush said, adding that he also knows the history of the truck he wants to purchase.

However, several council members were concerned about purchasing the truck.

“I hate to move too quickly on large purchases,” said Brent McKeeman. Although he added, ‘I don’t want to discourage you from being alert (to good deals).”

Another member, David Vilcot, asked if Thrush was sure if he had the money in his budget for the purchase.

Thrush said that he thought Enterprise may be able to get up to $5,000 for the 1974 fire truck it is currently using, leaving a balance of $5,000.

However, Vilcot wondered if Thrush could really recoup that amount.

Even if the current fire truck would not bring that much revenue, Thrush said that at $10,000, that would be $2,000 spread out over a five-year period.

For more information, view www.abilene-rc.com

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