Emergency Reporting Fire Records Management Software Launches in Canada with New Website and Canadian-based Datacenter

Emergeny Reporting
Emergeny Reporting

Emergency Reporting® (ER), the global leader in secure, cloud-based reporting and records management software (RMS) for fire and EMS agencies, announced the launch of its services in Canada, with the unveiling of a locally-based datacenter and a new Web site for Canadian users, https://emergencyreporting.ca/. The Canadian ER site is hosted in the Microsoft Azure datacenters, using Azure Canada Central in Toronto as the main environment, with a backup located at Azure Canada East in Quebec City.

ER currently serves hundreds of customers in Canada and has implemented the new website and locally-based datacenter to better serve current customers and attract new users that are looking for a secure RMS that will meet their needs.

“Our investment into Canada is a significant commitment and we are proud to take the step to expand our operations there,” says David Nokes, CEO of Emergency Reporting. “Data security is of the utmost importance at ER, and we take pride in the fact that we have earned a reputation for being the most trusted, secure RMS on the market. To show our commitment, ER established an entity in Canada that supports our customers and ensures that their data remains in the country and that Canadian data residency and sovereignty are honored.”

ER’s comprehensive platform of Fire software solutions offers Canadian fire agencies operations management, data management, and incident reporting tools needed to get their jobs done, whether on scene or at the station. The cloud-based system enables users to extract actionable data that helps tell their department’s story, secure grants and other funding when it comes time to do budgets, understand resource usage and needs, perform apparatus checks, keep electronic records of incident information for protection in legal cases, and to track progress with reports and visual data analytics.

Products offered on the Canadian website include the Fire Package, Fire Prevention Package, Vision Risk Assessment, Google Maps Integration, CAD Interface, and Safety Analytics.

Some of the benefits of the Emergency Reporting Fire Package include:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 16 modules for daily operations
  • Comprehensive fire prevention occupancy/inspection solution
  • Training & Certifications
  • Asset management – Equipment and apparatus maintenance, rig checks
  • Powerful system reports and analytics tools
  • Unlimited concurrent users per agency
  • Accessible anywhere, cloud-based, and no software to install
  • Customer success – Training, support, and ER community

ER customers at Kitchener Fire Department in Kitchener, Ontario, say that using ER’s RMS has helped to streamline their daily operations. “ER has increased our efficiency, particularly in how we record data on our daily activities,” says Cathy Marks, Program Manager of Fire Systems and Projects at the City of Kitchener. “It has enabled our training officers to streamline our training program, allowing them to track and manage JPRs and certifications to ensure that all personnel are up to date.”

For more information about Emergency Reporting, visit https://emergencyreporting.ca.

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