Elkhart Brass EXM2 Monitor Series

Elkhart Brass has introduced the new EXM2 series of monitors to its existing monitor lineup. With flow ranges from 300-5,000 gpm, the EXM2 series is built for performance and control.

The new EXM2 solution features an integrated WiFi server within the monitor control module. This provides secure access to the EXM2 browser page for simple, intuitive configuration of the monitor and input controllers. Connecting to the monitor via WiFi also allows the user to set travel limits, keep out zones, and retrieve diagnostic information, all from a Wi-Fi capable tablet or laptop.

The EXM2 input controllers have been redesigned for simpler and more intuitive operation. All EXM2 controllers include standard up/down/left/right monitor controls and nozzle controls for fog/stream. Dedicated STOW, DEPLOY, and OSCILLATE buttons are also featured. The Deploy function allows the monitor to be moved to a predetermined attack position, while the Stow feature returns the monitor to a programmed home position. An AUX button for powering an external device, such as a light or camera, comes as standard.

A variety of input controller options are available. A panel-mount controller, designed to be mounted on a pump panel, is directly hardwired to the monitor via CANbus. A wireless handheld controller can be used to operate the monitor and nozzle from a remote location. The docking station for the remote control features a built-in induction charging system, ensuring the remote is always charged and ready for use. A proportional joystick controller is designed to be surface mounted in the vehicle cab, providing precise control of the monitor. All of the EXM2 input controllers still include OPEN, CLOSE and PRESET functions for controlling an optional Unibody valve.

Each swivel joint contains two sets of stainless steel ball bearings. Hardened thrust rods and thrust bearings are engineered and manufactured to withstand the shearing action of water pressure, reducing motor fatigue. The Control Module electronics are encased in a thermoset plastic compound, providing resistance to shock and vibration, while blocking out moisture and other corrosive agents.

Heavy-duty, high-frequency motors provide a distinct advantage in continuous use applications such as construction, mining, and deicing. A corrosion-resistant elliptical waterway reduces turbulence to provide an efficient method of water delivery. This results in reduced load on the apparatus pump.

For more information, visit www.elkhartbrass.com.

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