E-ONE Receives Order from U.S. Air Force for ECOLOGIC® Testing Systems

 E-ONE Receives Order from U.S. Air Force for ECOLOGIC® Testing Systems

E-ONE, a member of the REV Group, announced an order from the U.S. Air Force for 167 ECOLOGIC® testing systems. The ECOLOGIC testing system is a patented technology developed by E-ONE to allow customers to test their ARFF vehicles’ foam systems without discharging foam into the environment.

The ECOLOGIC technology was first introduced on an order for 24 E-ONE 4×4 Titan Force aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicles for the Canadian National Defense. Since its inception, the ECOLOGIC testing system has proven effective on several brands and models of ARFF vehicles.

The ECOLOGIC system is a breakthrough in foam testing. Mr. Fred Terryn, Fire Vehicle Program Manager, HQ U.S. Air Force, says, “The Ecologic system will allow the Air Force to test its ARFF fleet’s foam proportioning systems with water versus foam which will be environmentally safer and still maintain the effectiveness of the foam systems.”

“The idea to create a method and technology that moves the industry forward with greater accuracy and repeatability has driven ECOLOGIC from the start,” says RJ Jones, E-ONE Sales and Product Manager of ARFF and Government Products. “Providing it for the United States Air Force is a point of pride, and the scale of this order has validated every team member’s lasting commitment to the project.”

The U.S. Air Force’s contract will integrate the ECOLOGIC system on 23 different ARFF models within their fleet. The contract comes from an order through W.S. Darley and Company and includes the ECOLOGIC test cart, vehicle modification kits, and operational training.

For more information, visit e-one.com.

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