Consolidation Saves Collingswood Fire Department

By auctioning off one of its lesser-used trucks, the Collingswood Fire department found nearly enough money to offset the cost of an ambulance overhaul without losing any of its rescue capabilities.

By combining the bulk of its rescue equipment onto one engine and one ladder truck, the department was able to free up a surplus rescue truck without losing any of its capabilities–and netted $62,000 in the process.

The money from the auction of the vehicle reduced the cost of refurbishing the ambulance to about $20,000–a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one outright. The revamped ambulance should join the force in about three or four months, and in the meantime, a loaner will be available in the event it is needed.

“We’ve been really trying to find ways to cut costs and save money but still provide the same services with the same up-to-date equipment,” Chief Keith Davis said.

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