Compact Electric Fire Truck Debuts

Tropos Motors showcased the Tropos FRV: a compact electric firetruck built for efficient emergency response.

At six feet and five inches, the FRV has a low profile, a low center of gravity, and a tight turning radius of 12.5 feet, making it ideal to operate in tight spaces. Also, its small stature allows it to fit underneath most parking structure height restrictions and operate in metro areas. The Tropos FRV reduces environmental impact and operational cost—one-tenth the cost of a full-sized firetruck—while boasting similar capabilities of a full-sized firetruck.

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On the inside, each firetruck is equipped with a TOUGHBOOKTM FZ-G1 fully rugged tablet. The thinnest and lightest fully rugged 10.1” tablet running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is crafted for use in hazardous locations, ensuring the device can last in the most grueling and extreme conditions. Think smoke, dust and fire during an emergency: the G1 can withstand it all.

Additionally, all trucks will be equipped with Panasonic’s OneConnectSM platform to provide battery and maintenance updates to the driver, all while providing analytics via the platform to the OEM and end consumer.

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