CO2Meter to Present on CO2 Monitoring Options to Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association

CO2Meter, Inc. will present an educational session on carbon dioxide gas, its effects, and how to monitor for it to the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association (FFCA) on January 20, 2016 at the Fire Rescue East Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Following a recent series of CO2 related injuries and deaths, the FFCA requested that CO2Meter, Inc. provide an educational seminar on monitoring CO2 gas indoors. Although the State of Florida already has regulations in place, many local municipalities are either unaware of the code, or are unaware of the dangers of non-compliance.

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Many businesses use tanks of compressed carbon dioxide. A leak somewhere in the CO2 delivery system can result in dizziness, faintness and, in extreme conditions, unconsciousness or death. While the majority of CO2-exposure incidents occur in bars and restaurants, the growing craft brewing and legal cannabis cultivation industries have added pressure to state regulators and fire departments to create standardized safety regulations. These regulations are designed to warn employees, customers and emergency first-responders if indoor CO2 levels are at hazardous levels.

“CO2Meter appreciates the opportunity to work directly with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association,” said Josh Pringle, Director of Marketing & Sales of CO2Meter, Inc. “These are the people directing their departments operations, as well as training for first responders on scene when an incident occurs. They are also, in most cases, the face of their department in their jurisdictions. And, of course, as a Florida-based company, they are the local departments protecting our families and friends too,” Pringle added.

CO2 monitors measure carbon dioxide levels where the CO2 is stored and utilized. Modern facilities use large tanks of liquid carbon dioxide and hundreds of feet of hose to deliver the odorless and colorless gas to its intended location – carbonated beverage dispensing systems, fermenting tanks, and grow rooms, for example. If a leak in the system occurs, the CO2 monitor will warn employees and guests that a potential hazard exists before a buildup of carbon dioxide gas reaches a potentially dangerous level.

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“Discussing regulations with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association is an opportunity for CO2Meter to learn as much if not more from these industry experts than what we will share. Opening a dialog and offering our professional experience to these fire officials is an invaluable opportunity for everyone to walk away with more knowledge and a better understanding of what we can all do to prevent injuries and fatalities,” added Pringle.

Since 1958, FFCA has served the chief fire executive of career, combination and volunteer departments. Today, membership includes any individual involved in fire and emergency services from the chief fire executive to the firefighter. It serves these members by advancing the profession of fire and emergency services through proactive leadership, education, and advocacy. Website:

CO2Meter, Inc. is an Ormond Beach, Florida-based business that designs, manufactures and distributes carbon dioxide and other gas detectors, monitors and sensors used in food and beverage, scientific, medical, horticultural and HVAC industries. Website:

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