Chanl Panl Allows for Easy Equipment Mounting in Fire Apparatus

The new, patented Chanl Panl from Sensible Products Inc.

The new, patented Chanl Panl from Sensible Products Inc. makes equipment mounting a snap in emergency apparatus. This panel allows users to mount brackets, tools, or water flow equipment in your rig without drilling. Load standard ¼ 20 nuts and bolts from the front side of the panel. No tricks, fasteners, or special hardware required. This durable, HDPE plastic is 5/8-inch thick and may be cut with a battery skill saw and bolted directly to cabinet walls.

Sensible Products Inc. of Richfield, Ohio has been specializing for over 30 years as a leading supplier of high-quality mounting brackets for fittings, tools, and adapters that are carried on emergency apparatus. Their products and services range from manufacturing and shipping products to fire departments and through our distributors across the United States and Canada to complete apparatus outfitting at theirr Richfield facility. They have also designed and installed complete mounting systems for fleets of apparatus at several military bases while the apparatus remains in service.

The on-site installation process starts with a basic list of the equipment to be mounted, the type and style of apparatus, and knowledge of the fire department’s operations. Working closely with the fire personnel, they develop the locations of the equipment, mounting the equipment by disciplines–water flow cabinet, forcible entry tools, ventilation equipment, extrication equipment, and electrical and portable generators. A mounting plan must be developed for each apparatus in order to maximize critical cabinet space and be user-friendly.

Their technical staff work on one piece of apparatus at a time, installing universal Chanl Panl boards on rear and side walls, installing the needed bracketry per cabinet, and labeling all equipment for easy identification.

They have completed this service on-site for Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia; Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan; and Toledo Air National Guard in Toledo, Ohio, totaling over 20 pieces of apparatus in the past few years. Go to to view a gallery of all completed apparatus.

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