BURN Documentary on Detroit (MI) Engine 50 Available June 18

LOS ANGELES, CA—Fueled by seemingly limitless adrenalin and a tireless resolve to save the city they love, the lives of the heroic men of Detroit’s Engine Company 50, one of the busiest firehouses in America, are exhilaratingly chronicled in BURN, a new film from Producer/Directors Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez and Executive Producer Denis Leary (“Rescue Me”).

The filmmakers employed groundbreaking technology to take viewers closer than they have ever been—into the fires and into the lives of the men who fight them, exploring human struggles, hope and personal courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

Visually stunning and passionately told, BURN takes audiences to the front lines of Detroit, Michigan, a city where some residents seem to think of arson as a sport. Detroit has more fires than any city in the United States: A population drop from 1.85 million in 1950 to near 700,000 today has left 80,000 abandoned structures as kindling. The result is a city with 30,000 fire calls a year — the highest fire load in America. On average, Detroit sees 30 structure fires daily (firefighters estimate that more than 90 percent are set intentionally), while Los Angeles, with a population of four million, sees only 11 structure fires per day.

Filmmakers Putnam and Sanchez were given unprecedented access, and their documentary closely tracks the lives of the firefighters during the course of a full year. The film was culled from 1,000 hours of interviews and additional footage, much of it shot during actual fires inside blazing, smoke-filled buildings.

The Hollywood Reporter raved, “Although (BURN features) plenty of harrowing sequences of actual firefighting that register with a visceral impact, the film’s chief emotional power stems from its portraits of several individuals….Despite the sobering situations the film deals with, it nonetheless manages to deliver a hopeful message, thanks to the indomitable spirit and good humor exhibited by its brave subjects.” New York Magazine said that BURN is “full of some of the most haunting fire footage around… introducing us to some of the toughest guys in the world.”

BURN’s Executive Producer Denis Leary shares, “BURN is the first documentary to actually capture the danger and destruction that occurs inside of a burning building—and along with it the astonishing courage, incredible teamwork and dedication to saving lives that sets firefighters apart from the rest of us. They run in when everyone else is running out. Now you get to see how and why they do it.”

A portion of proceeds will go to the Leary Firefighter Foundation to purchase equipment for Detroit firefighters.

BURN will be available on Blu-ray™ and DVD that includes the widescreen theatrical version of the film as well as over four hours of extras. The discs include deleted blooper moments, extensive commentary, interview with Denis Leary and more.

The film will also be available digitally through the Sundance Institute, which allows independent films to make their digital debut through a variety of platforms to rent, download or stream, via Sundance Institute’s Artist Services program. For details visit sundance.org/nowplaying.

To see a trailer of BURN and for more information visit: http://detroitfirefilm.org.

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