Burlington (WA) to Hold Station Investigation

The Burlington fire station in 2017. Photo via Facebook.

The city of Burlington (WA) will examine whether it needs more space for its fire department, reports goskagit.com.

At its meeting last week, City Council approved a $14,965 contract with King Architecture to determine how the city could remodel its existing station to meet the department’s needs, city officials say. Since the responsibility for ambulance services was given to city fire departments in Skagit County in 2019, the station has reached the limit of staff it can house, the report notes.

Once finished, the study will determine whether a remodel would work or if they should consider an expansion or a second station.

Fire officials say sleeping spaces are crowded in the station, and the shower facilities don’t meet the needs of the firefighters.

The city had small renovations made to the station in 2019, replacing flooring and repainting walls. At the time, staff agreed to reserve about $50,000 for further improvements. Funding for the study will come from this money, the report says.

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