BullEx Launches FlashFire Training System

ALBANY, NY—BullEx has released its latest fire training product, the FlashFire™ Training System.

FlashFire creates scaled backdrafts, flashovers and gas explosions for training that makes an impact. With the FlashFire Training System instructors can show trainees the conditions that lead to these dangerous situations, demonstrate the tactics to reduce risk, and show what can happen in a worst-case scenario.

The FlashFire Training System is a scaled version of a residential structure, with a door, roof vents, and interior props. Using the handheld controller, an instructor has a wide range of flexibility and can choose from preprogrammed scenarios or manually introduce smoke, fuel, and ignition sources, and can even control the amount of air flow and ventilation to create conditions found at a fire scene. Trainees can view the events in real time and gain a true understanding of some of the most dangerous fire risks.

For more information, visit www.bullex.com.

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