Bowling Green (KY) Fire Department’s New Station to Install Baby Safe Haven Box

The department will include a new baby box in the plans of its new fire station, which is still under construction.

According to a report from WNKY, Kentucky lawmakers passed and Governor Andy Beshear signed legislation last week that will allow installing a “baby box” at participating staffed fire and police stations and hospitals.

Three years ago, a baby was left in a cardboard box outside of the Gott Fire Department in Warren County and no one was at the station. As a result, the Bowling Green Fire Department (BGFD), which is currently building a new fire station on Lovers Lane, will include a new baby box in the construction plans that are waiting to pass legislation. BGFD spokeswoman Katie McKee said the department doesn’t have an official time frame for installation, but there are still options for surrendering a newborn baby up to 30 days old.

Baby boxes open from the outside and a mother can place the baby inside, sending an alert to officials as soon as the door opens and another alert when the baby is placed in the bassinet inside. Once the door shuts, the outside door locks, and a trained responder can open the inside door and remove the child.

It is not safe or lawful to leave a baby at an unstaffed fire station; most volunteer fire departments are unstaffed unless there is an active fire call.

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