Bolivar (MO) Welcomes New Truck

BOLIVAR, Missouri– The Bolivar City Fire Department will be holding a traditional “wet down and push in” ceremony Sunday, April 19 to celebrate and welcome the addition of a new fire engine to the city.

Sunday’s ceremony will begin at 2 p.m. at the downtown station at 312 S. Springfield Ave. and will feature an invocation and blessing from Roy Campbell. BCFD officers will be responsible for washing the new Ferrara multi-vocation pumper, after which staff will push it into the fire station.

“Wet down” ceremonies are a tradition celebrated by many fire departments in the U.S., according to BCFD Chief Jim Ludden, in which firefighters commission a new apparatus by washing it down before officially putting it into service. The tradition dates back to the late 1800s when horse-drawn pumpers were used.

Horses that were commissioned for service would be washed, along with the pumper, at their newly assigned firehouse, Ludden said, and “pushed into” the firehouse bay. The firefighters would then fit the new horse with its harness, placing the company in service.

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