Atascocita (TX) Fire Station May Open Early

The Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department is on pace to open its third station officially early next year.

The approximate opening date is February 2016, assuming all stays according to plan, said Fire Chief Mike Mulligan.
Harris County Emergency Services District 46’s $5.2 million station is located at 7642 Farmingham road, and will be roughly 17,000 square feet across its two stories.

Funding for the station comes from the ESD’s tax collections, one cent per every dollar on sales tax within the county, according to Mulligan.

The new station is being built in place of Atascocita’s first station built in 1978 and will serve as both a strategic point in the city as well as a training facility for EMS and volunteer firefighters.

Talks for the new station began approximately five years ago, according to Mulligan, but originated with the idea of having a fourth station after the original had been added on to throughout the years.

“When we got to the point where we felt like we needed to upgrade, it was a maze of hallways and offices,” he said. “We looked around Eagle Springs for property, but it was going to be cost prohibitive to do that.

“We then said we’re going to come up with a plan B.”

Amenities within the station include individual dorm rooms as opposed to a communal dorm, allowing for “more diversity in the department,” Mulligan said.

At any time, the station will have a two-man crew to operate its tower truck during the day with full staff details at one of the other two stations depending on the officer in charge. Two paramedics will also be on staff in the daytime.

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