Asiana Passenger Killed by Emergency Apparatus After Plane Crash

The San Mateo County Coroner confirmed that a Chinese student on Asiana Flight 214 survived the crash-landing, only to be killed on the runway by an emergency vehicle approaching the burning plane, reports USA Today.

Ye Meng Yuan, 16, died from “multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle” at San Francisco International Airport, said coroner Robert Foucrault.

“Internal bleeding ruled out any chance she was dead when she was struck,” Foucrault said. “She was alive at the time when she received the injuries.”

It was unclear whether Yuan, part of a group scheduled to attend a three-week California summer camp, was struck by more than one vehicle, Foucrault said.

Police and fire officials confirmed last week that Yuan was hit by a vehicle, but had not determined whether she was already dead at the time. Yuan was covered with flame-retardant foam spread by firefighting vehicles when she was struck. She was found in the wheeled tracks the vehicle made traversing the foam, according to the San Francisco Police Department, which investigated the case.

San Francisco Fire Department Chief Joanne Hayes-White said a specialized emergency vehicle may have run over the prone body. It’s possible she was hit a second time, Hayes-White said.

“Obviously, this is devastating news for us, a tragic accident,” she said. “We are heartbroken. We’re in the business of saving lives, and many lives were saved that day.”

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