Application Period to Open in June for FY 2012 AFG Funding

The AFG will start accepting applications for FY 2012 AFG funding in early to mid-June. The specific dates of the application period will be announced once the FY 2012 AFG Guidance and Application Kit completes the official approval process. AFG will announce specific dates at It also offers FY 2012 AFG workshops and webinars for applicatns to learn about FY 2012 priorities and get tips on completing the AFG application. A copy of the FY 2012 AFG PowerPoint presentation is available at for those unable to attend a workshop or webinar.

AFG has also announced that at the end of July 2012, all data in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR), along with Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), will be moved to the new System for Award Management (SAM). The purpose is to reduce the number of different systems with which grantees and contractors need to interact and to reduce the amount of redundant information.

What does the transition to SAM mean for AFG awardees and applicants? Here are answers to some basic questions about the transition based on information taken from

I have a current CCR registration.

  • What do I do? You do not need to do anything right away. When it is time to renew your current CCR registration, you will do it in SAM.
  • What will happen to my data? Your data will be migrated or moved from CCR into SAM. It will be in SAM when you are ready to access it. When it is time to renew your registration, you will go to, create a simple SAM user account, and follow the online instructions to validate and update your information.
  • When do I need to register for a user account in SAM? You only need to register for a user account in SAM when it is time to begin updating your current registration. You do not need to do anything right away.
    •    What is the timeline for the CCR transition to SAM? The transition to SAM will occur at the end of July. We will provide more information as that date approaches.
    I still need to register in the CCR.
  • What do I do now? Should I wait and register in SAM instead of the CCR? No. You should register in the CCR as soon as possible. You will continue to manage your data in the CCR until the change to SAM occurs at the end of July. Your data will be migrated from CCR into SAM at that time.

Where can I find more information about CCR and SAM?

Visit for more information.

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