Alcoa (TN) Fire Department Installs Armor Tuff Supratile Floor

The Alcoa (TN) Fire Department has installed an Armor-Tuff Supratile floor in its fire station’s engine bays.

Chief Roger Robinson explains, “We’ve researched and examined all the different types of flooring that would stand up to the rugged abuse and the wear and tear that engine bay floors have to endure. Our research and tests have proven that the Supratiles are not only are indestructible, but provide a safe working environment in a busy fire station. They provide a non-slip floor when either dry or wet, keeping our firefighters safe from the perils of a slippery floor. The Supratiles do not chip, break, crack, fade or stain from any liquids used in the fire service.  The single most beneficial factor is that its maintenance free and only requires washing with soap and water. I highly recommend calling Armor Tuff for your Fire or EMS stations floors”.

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