Allamuchy Fire Department Receives Grant for Rescue Equipment, Battery Powered Tool Donation

The Allamuchy (NJ) Fire Department was recently awarded a Paratech Interstate Stabilization kit and Hydrafusion lifting struts from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. Prior to receiving the grant, Allamuchy had the trained firefighters to handle complex commercial vehicle vs. passenger vehicle extrications but lacked the requisite cache of equipment to do so. There had also been several ‘near-misses’ on the highway and that a major entrapment was only a matter of time. The department took delivery of the equipment in early March 2020, trained its members, and outfitted its trucks by June 2020.

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Then on June 10th at 11:45 AM, the day after all firefighters completed the in-service training on the new equipment, Allamuchy was dispatched to a vehicle ‘underride’ with entrapment. An ‘underride’ is condition where a passenger vehicle strikes a tractor trailer in the rear and the weight of the tractor trailer entraps the patient in the vehicle.

Right away, Allamuchy responded with six firefighters in its 1994 heavy rescue 91-75 and rescue-engine 91-63. Engine 91-61 was short to follow. Upon arrival, Chief 91-60 requested mutual aid from Budd Lake and from Green township to establish a landing zone for Atlantic Air One.

After a quick size-up, it was quickly realized that there could be no successful extrication without separating the two vehicles. The crew from 91-63 went to work removing the doors of the passenger vehicle to gain patient access for the EMS team of the Allamuchy-Green FAS while the crew from 91-75 started to stabilize the larger vehicle and prepare for the lifting operation. Ultimately, the loaded tractor trailer had to be lifted approximately 8 inches to allow for the passenger vehicle to be removed from underneath it.

Firefighters were then able to compete the extrication and turn the patient over to EMS and paramedics.

The department also recently received a donation from its community and local business for use of updating the departments battery tools. Local business owner Dr. Fedich of Village Family Clinic hosted a community contest and then matched the donations received. With the donation, the fire department was able to purchase new Milwaukee Battery Tools. These tools will be added to the departments rescue equipment inventory.

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