AJ Heightman, MPA, EMT-P, Named Editor Emeritus of JEMS and EMS Today

Fair Lawn, NJ (June 3, 2019) – The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) and EMS Today are pleased to announce that AJ Heightman, MPA, EMT-P   former Editor-in-Chief of JEMS and EMS Today Program Chairman, has been appointed Editor Emeritus of JEMS and EMS Today.

This honor comes in recognition of his accomplishments, commitment and the impact he has made over the past 25 years to JEMS and EMS Today, as well as the past 50 years to the EMS industry.

Well respected in the EMS industry, AJ’s dedication to his job and the industry has been essential to the success and growth of both JEMS and EMS Today.

In his new role, AJ will remain actively engaged as an advisor, ensuring the continued welfare and success of JEMS and EMS Today. This new role acknowledges AJ’s unique and significant role in the past, present and future.

AJ will be the dignified and recognized image of the JEMS and EMS Today brand and be representing the brands in all mediums and in person upon request. He will continue to provide input on editorial direction and consult with the JEMS editorial and EMS Today teams regarding trends, innovations and issues.

Eric Schlett, Senior Vice President, Clarion US | Fire & Rescue Group said, “In his new position as editor emeritus, AJ will be our brand advisor, the person who retains institutional knowledge of the enterprise and continues to provide the team counsel into the future. What changes now is that, after 25 years with JEMS, AJ will no longer be involved in administrative and operational tasks. Freeing him up to be our Ambassador for JEMS and EMS, remaining in close contact with leaders in the field, able to serve as a consultant to agencies, advertisers and manufacturers to help them better understand the EMS market, and continue to teach and lecture to EMS providers and leaders, a well-known passion for AJ”

AJ’s new role will also allow him the liberty to take more time off to spend with his family, do more work with his Therapy Dogs “Charlie” and “Cooper”, do more consulting, expand his lecturing in the EMS industry, and remain a key advisor the JEMS and EMS Today teams.

AJ Heightman says, “My new role is exciting because it will allow me to visit more EMS systems in the US and internationally, spend quality time on the streets with crews and supervisors on ride-alongs and write articles about them without the pressure of having editorial tasks and deadlines as I have had in the past.”

“We are proud and grateful for AJ 25 years of commitment to JEMS and EMS Today. We look forward to continuing to work with AJ in this advisory capacity as continue to grow these important brands,” notes Eric Schlett, Vice President, Clarion US, Fire & Rescue Group.


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